Monteagle marsh

While checking on a missing package at the Monteagle PO, I let the dogs out for a run across the street in the town playground. I came across this lovely marsh full of wildflowers. Primrose, buttercups and cardinal flower were all in bloom. I had no idea it was there.

Then on the way down the mountain i discovered a wonderful new place, Gallery 41 in Pelham, selling fresh roasted coffee, fabulous cookies (the dogs and i all gave it four paws up) and welded art all around! Well worth a stop.


Garden bronze

I don't make many bronze sculptures specifically for outdoors, but this early Pan has been sitting in the birdbath for about 10 years with no ill effect. The birds don't seem to mind him, either.


Lost wax

Sometimes i scculpture in a soft wax and make a one- of-a- kind figure. It either comes out in bronze or it doesn't; in either case, the wax is “lost”. This little slug is one such. They don't have as much detail as the pieces i sculpture in clay and they are usually smaller. But they let me make figures that might not find a wide audience.